Solar swimming pool covers

Do solar pool covers work?

Solar pool covers, also known as solar pool blankets or bubble pool covers, can be effective at helping to heat your pool and reduce heat loss. They work by using the sun’s energy to heat the pool water and by reducing evaporation, which can also lead to heat loss.

Here’s how they work:

Do solar pool covers work

Solar Bubble Pool Cover

Solar Heating: Solar pool covers are made of a special material that traps heat from the sun. When placed on the pool’s surface, they act like a magnifying glass, allowing sunlight to penetrate and heat the pool water. This can help raise the water temperature over time, especially during sunny days.

Reduced Evaporation: One of the main ways heat is lost from a swimming pool is through evaporation. Solar pool covers help reduce evaporation by acting as a barrier between the pool water and the air. By minimizing water loss, they also help maintain the pool’s heat.

Chemical and Debris Protection: Solar pool covers can also help keep debris out of the pool and reduce the amount of pool chemicals needed. This can save you money and time on maintenance.

While solar pool covers can be effective at warming your pool, their effectiveness depends on several factors:

Sunlight Exposure: Solar swimming pool covers work best in areas with plenty of direct sunlight. If your pool is shaded most of the day, their effectiveness may be limited.

How solar pool covers work

Solar Pool Cover Working Principle

Pool Size and Shape: The size and shape of your pool will affect how well the cover can trap heat and reduce evaporation. Irregularly shaped pools or pools with a lot of obstructions (like fountains or waterfalls) may not benefit as much from a solar cover.

Quality of Cover: The quality of the solar pool blanket / cover material matters. Thicker, more durable covers tend to work better and last longer.

Consistency: To see the best results, you should use the cover consistently when the pool is not in use.

Overall, solar pool covers can be a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to extend your swimming season and save on heating costs, but their effectiveness will vary depending on your specific circumstances. They are particularly popular in regions with a lot of sunlight and in climates where heating a pool can be expensive.

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