Pool Fibreglass Lining Cape Town

Fibreglass pool lining providesĀ a practical, visually appealing, smooth, non-porous finish. It ensures that your pool floor remains leak-proof and effortless to clean and maintain, allowing you to enjoy your pool without any worries. Unlike other porous surfaces that are difficult to keep clean and free from algae growth, our non-porous surface prevents algae growth from occurring. With our swimming pool fibreglass lining, you can enjoy a beautiful and inviting pool for years.


Our service includes

  • A home meeting with our site manager and the client regardingĀ fibreglass pool lining, the sequence and planning.
  • The water is pumped out of the pool.
  • The relevant equipment is installed, such as a new underwater light, skimmer box, piping, filtration equipment, or copings and paving.
  • Once all those items have been installed, acid washing or grinding/sanding prepares the pool's surface.
  • A groove is cut under the coping into which the fibreglass is tucked.
  • Isophthalic resin is first applied to the prepared surface of the pool by roller as a layer that penetrates the existing surface and acts as a bond for the fibreglass.
  • The swimming pool lining layers (450g chop strand mat and surface tissue) are applied over the entire pool surface.
  • Once the resin has set, the fibreglass layer gets light sand to remove sharp points.
  • The pool mosaics are applied as either fibreglass sheets with a print or natural ceramic mosaics with epoxy adhesive and grout.
  • The surface is coated with a pool coat, which is the colour. This is done with a roller, much like painting. The finish has an orange peel effect.
  • After a period of between two and seven days, depending on the colour, the pool is filled with water.
  • The water is chemicalised and balanced before a handover.


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